Learning Python in Buenos Aires

Hey everyone, just a quick note I’m heading to Argentina for a short vacation in the next little while so I won’t be updating this blog or be able to respond to your comments while I am away.

Feel free to continue to post your comments and suggestions, I will respond to them when I get back.

I’m really looking forward to my first trip to South America, it should be a blast!

3 thoughts on “Learning Python in Buenos Aires”

  1. Hi!… I just got to this blog because some time ago I decided to start to learn to programme and Python was my choice as a first language. I live in Buenos Aires, so, just as Jeff said, welcome to Buenos Aires! It´s a lovely city, I’m sure you’re gonna like it. Bye!

  2. Hey Jeff and Juan, thanks guys. Like I said I’m really looking forward to getting down there, I am a bit nervous at my almost complete lack of Spanish skills but hopefully the little bit I know will get me through.

    It should be a great time!

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