NaNoWriMo almost done!

Just one more note to everyone NaNoWriMo is almost done so I will finally be able to get back to some python code. If anyone is interested I have indeed written the required 50,000 words this month. You can even check out my nice looking bar graph of words per day at my profile.

Whew, it really is tiring writing that much.

I’ve also put up a little Tutorial Index at the request of one reader. Hopefully other people find it helpful as well.

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo almost done!”

  1. The instructions are a bit unalecr. Do we create a new variable named “GTK_BASEPATH” and do we give it a value “GTK_BASEPATH\bin” or do we edit the PATH variable and add the value “GTK_BASEPATH\bin” to that after a semi colon?

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