Gone for the weekend

Just a quick note for everyone, I will be unable to answer any comments on this blog or posts on the forum all weekend as I will be moving and we all know what happens when the phone companies swear that your high speed will be back up on a certain day.

So who knows, I may be away from cyberspace for a lot longer then weekend…

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  1. Re: Python’s COM interfaceWhile it’s true that phyotn (together with just about any scripting language well-supported on windows) can call COM objects, this does not neccesarily mean that it’s as useful as VB (or even VBscript) for COM programming. While the basis of COM is simple, there are a lot of additional stuff that a COM object can provide (events/callbacks, enums, early and/or late binding, foreach-style iteration through the IEnumerator interface, optional arguments ). Does phyotn allow smooth, language-native access to these features? Can you create a phyotn object that is accessible from COM with all these features? (I’m not saying it can’t, I’m genuinely curios, because if it does it means I can try to write future one-off scripts in phyotn instead of vbscript)The two things that are a little tricky with COM programming in VB is remembering not to create circular references (as COM doesn’t do true garbage collection) and knowing when to use set foo = x.bar as opposed to foo = x.bar . Oh yeah, and remembering the difference between IsNull(x), IsEmpty(x), IsMissing(x) and (x is nothing). Regarding COM being a good framework for reusable components: This is all true, but COM is being phased out in favor of the component framework in .NET (which is very similar to COM, but a little better in almost all respects). If someone wants to make sure Python can remain a VB competitor, I think good .NET component support is essential (And I believe Activestate is working towards this).

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