Spanish Translations

So I’ve been working on PyGame for PyWeek lately and I’ve been having a lot of fun. I also took a weekend off from my email so I did not notice that Lord Taran has been creating Spanish translations for a bunch of my PyGTK tutorials.

If you are interested in the Spanish tutorials check them out, or if you are interested in seeing what happened at pyweek and the car crash that was my entry check it out as well.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Translations”

  1. Having a rough idea of where things are heindag helps a lot. TDD seems to evolve the design if one were to issue credits for the design in the About box they would go to the unit tests instead of programmer!Thanks for the kind words. It’s something going to look into later this year.

  2. This is my first week participating. Here is my Thank you for sharing your parenting concerns. I have a 6 year old daughter and my current struggle is bringing myself down to her level and just living the moments with her. Having fun with her! We had a great weekend connecting! Hang in there!

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