Level Editor 0.2

So I had some free time since I last posted so I hacked a little bit more into my simple game editor. I’ve a few things in there that I wanted to get in:

  • A grid
  • A paint mode to easily add sprites
  • An erase mode so that sprites can be removed
  • Fully (or so it seems) working property addition to the sprites
  • Added some organization to the code. I was hacking on this enough that putting things in their right spot started to make more and more sense.
  • Started to use mercurial to keep track of source changes. I know how important version control is, and after making a silly mistake I decided that I wanted to start using it with this project.

You can take a look at how things are working here:

Python Game pyglet editor

It’s not pretty yet, but it’s coming along.

20 thoughts on “Level Editor 0.2”

  1. Good Job!
    I think it would be good if you could publish the mercurial adress, so we all can benefit from your really awesome level editor!

  2. Hi aualin,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! It’s not ready for prime time just yet, it needs a few more features before it’s usable by people. Hopefully soon!

  3. How will the file format for the maps look like? And are you planning on some plugable export mechanism so the users can save the map in their own file format?

  4. Hi Azari,

    Right now the file format is in YAML, and it’s still being flushed out, but it’s basically just a dictionary of project information and a list of sprites. Eventually I do want to make it extensible for users so that they can plug in their own format type, or use something that someone came up with. In the beginning though it will probably just be one format, maybe with support for XML as well.

  5. Good start!,

    Can’t wait to see the suite of frameworks/tools evolve. I don’t need a sprite editor myself.. yet =) but will love to see what you cook up next and see if it helps any of my projects.

    I’m starting to switch over to Pyglet myself a bit more. Getting a tad sick and tired of no OS X binaries, or very late binaries for the Pygame package and am on the verge of ditching Pygame to the recycle bin because of it. Bring on Pyglet 1.1 =)


  6. Hi Arne,

    Yeah I’ve actually started using it for this project, I had to go out of town so I wanted to be able to access the repositories.

    Unfortunately I’ve run into some issues with the latest pyglet 1.1 beta so progress has slowed while I try to figure what the issue is. Once I get that issue cleared up I should have it to a place where everyone can save, load, and start new projects. Once it’s there I’ll make the repository available to everyone and start it as an “official” project.

  7. Hi,

    looks like a very cool thing that we will definetly use for our game (https://launchpad.net/pytower/) but we are dying to see something published for another reason. We would very much like to integrate an pyglet area into a pygtk window. In that way we could decouple menu like things from the main game area and we could benefit from the generic widget features, which we sort of have to hack ourselves now.

    Keep up the good work!!



  8. @Bastian

    You should check out the Google groups for the Pygame/Pyglet/Rabbyt forum stuff. I know they have been working on hacking wxWidgets for the UI and ?pygame? together with Python. Might be some nuggets in their to be mined.


  9. Hi Bastian,

    I hope to have something up for people that is somewhat “usable” (and by usable I really mean you can run and do something) by the end of this month.

    I’ve gotten past an issue that I had with pyglet, now I just need to finish my PythonMagazine article and I should get back to work on the level editor. The code will probably be pretty ugly to begin with but I hope to bet it cleaned up in short order.

  10. Hi again,

    thanks for the nice replies. Rabbyt really rocks when it comes to very fast sprites, but this comment is rather a reminder that selsine wanted to have something ready by the end of may.
    I would be really eager to integrate my pyglet/rabbyt window in a gtk one.
    So… how are things going??



  11. Hi Bastian,

    Sorry to report that the schedule has slipped. I still have a few more things that I want to get in there before I release the initial version. It’s nothing special at this point in time but I want it to be at a point where it can be installed by people and used.

    I ended up having a very busy May so I didn’t get to work on it as much as I would have liked.

    I’ll try to get a post up in a day or two to outline what the status us and when the initial release will be.

    Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

  12. Just awesome!

    Sourceforge or Google Code would be awesome.
    Like i said in the other post, a can help with administrative tasks, documentation and 2D Sprites. If i would be useful in some way just say.

    Thanks for the attention.
    Please, keep going with the project!

    See ya.

  13. Using the following in your CMakeLists.txt sholud avoid having to edit the vcxproj file by hand:1SET_TARGET_PROPERTIES(your-target-name PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS “/level=’requireAdministrator’ /uiAccess=’false'”)

  14. Looking at the migration ovveriew (simple or advanced) I don’t see how to make sure that the email addresses are moved to the new server. Are they moved automatically? The other steps are clear enough.If I decide to move from the old server to the new one how much time do I get to move between the two servere? And am I charged for just the one?

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