New Belorussian/Belarusian Translation

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that Bohdan has translated the Creating a GUI using PyGTK and Glade tutorial in to Belorussian/Belarusian. You can view the translation here: Belorussian translation.

Many thanks to Bohdan and all the other who have translated some of these tutorials over the years.


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  1. A

    I am sorry but you have been tricked into a SEO scam. Bohdan also contacted me 1 month ago to translate an “useful” 1 year post from my blog. Funnily, the day after he contacted my partner with an identical email to translate a 2 years old post!
    When he mailed me with the translation I asked him about this stuff, and he denied it of course.
    I just checked and he removed the translation from my post since this is not useful for him/his company if there is not link exchange.
    In my case it was at http://webhostingrating(REMOVETHIS).com/libs/ if you go to the main pages of that link and the one you posted, I am sure you will see what they are trying to promote/sell (web hosting services).

  2. anonymous

    I can confirm this as well — I was contacted by Bohdan to translate a page for one of my FOSS projects, and only a few days later contacted by a different individual with the same exact email contents (including phone number).

    Sure does seem like an SEO scam to me. Don’t fall for it.


    Good article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative

  4. Ryhor

    Maybe you still have this translation, can you mail me it? Im from Belarus )))

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