Learning Python Update

Sorry folks, I broke this blog a while ago and it took me a while to get it back up. Sorry for anyone that was using it, turns out there was an issue with a PHP upgrade that was forced on me by my hosts.

The old theme doesn’t work anymore, but at least the content is up!

Let me know if anything doesn’t work.

3 thoughts on “Learning Python Update”

  1. Hi,
    I am porting my python application from python 2 to python3, which been developed using pygtk with reference given below link on Ubuntu-10.04 with ptyhon2 support: “http://www.learningpython.com/2006/12/03/translating-your-pythonpygtk-application/”

    Now i want to use same application on Ubuntu 14.04 with python 3.
    I have below quires:
    1) Can I use python-2 code as it is on Ubuntu-14.04 with python -3?
    2) is pygtk is supported for python-3?
    3) Pygtk will it work with python-3?
    4) If pygtk not supported then what should be the better option to port my application to work with python-3?
    5) Are there any dependencies or additional packages / code changes required to make it compatible to work with python-3?

    Please share your views. Will be helpful to make decisions. And live longer..

    Appreciate your help.

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