Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! Not much will be happening with this site over the next few weeks (not like much has been happening the past few) due to the busy holiday season.

I plan on updating this site on a regular basis in the new year. See you then!

What am I working on?

Well first things first I guess lets talk about what sort of computer(s) I will be using to learn python. I will be using two different computers for the most part, with the chance of their being a third in their at some point.

Both computers are running Linux, one running ubuntu and the other (my Xbox) running Xebian. One thing you’ll notice is that both distributions that I use are Debian based, this is simply because I’m a big fan of apt-get as a package management solution.

Neither of they computers are all that new or all that quick, but I think that they’ll get the job done.
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