Python Magazine Issue One!

The first issue of Python Magazine is finally available and they’ve made it freely available via PDF.

The magazine is quite good and I’m please to announces that I’m writing a monthly column for it entitled “Welcome to Python”. So if any of you are wondering why the posts on this blog have slowed down a little, well it’s because I’ve been trying to do double duty lately, writing posts and columns!

Hopefully I’ll be able to balance the two a little bit better in the future, but for October you can check out my article!

2 thoughts on “Python Magazine Issue One!”

  1. Thanks for the news, I downloaded it, and will watch how it evolves.

    It’s a pitty that it’s quite expensive. I hope they’ll issue free ones every now and then.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Well there are a few more issues up so I hope you and others have taken another look at it. I’ve got a monthly column in there and I’m really enjoying it.

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