Dodger Editor 0.1

So here it is the initial release of the Dodger Editor. You can download the source from the google code page. Originally I wanted to wait longer to release the first version, but as time went on and it kept taking longer and longer I realized that if I didn’t release the first version at some point in time I might never release it.

If I had gotten done everything that I wanted to get done then I would be releasing the full first version of the project instead of this incredibly alpha release. So if something doesn’t work don’t be surprised. That being said you should be able to use it for it’s basic functionality. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping.


Once you have met the requirements:

You should be able to install dodger by downloading the and extracting the source tarball. Once you have extracted the source change into the source directory and install using:

python install

If you don’t want to install and just want to test dodger out simply follow the above instructions except instead of installing dodger run the following:



I still want to setup a dedicated site that will host a mercurial repository of the code but for now I’m going to use the fabulous site. For now if you want you can pull the source from

hg clone

For now any changes that you make or fixes will have to be emailed as a patch but eventually I want to make it much much easier for people to submit fixes.

If you are really interested in contributing to this project let me know via a comment to this post and or an email. Then once all of the source issue are setup we can start working together.

New Features

Since the last release there has been a lot of changes under the hood. The most visible changes for anyone using dodger is the addition of the zoom feature:

zoom example
zoomed out example
zoomed in example
zoomed in example

General Usage

For general usage information please read the README file or General Information page on the google site. It’s pretty rough right now but hopefully over time we’ll be able to work on it.


If you are interested in the history of this project you can read the following blog posts to see how everything came about:


If you do decide to use or test dodger remember that you are going to find a lot of bugs during the iteration. Please be kind and report the issue.

5 thoughts on “Dodger Editor 0.1”

  1. Hi Andre,

    Thanks for the comment. I agree there are a lot of dependencies right now. In time I would like to shrink the list eventually folding some of the dependencies into the actual editor.

    If you run a version of linux with a good package manager it’s pretty easy to install them, but I understand if you don’t want to install them all just to test it out.

  2. I know this comment is a little late, but man this is pretty awesome. I’m not very satisfied at the moment with the Cocos2d tile editor (Cocos2d is based on Pyglet) and thought all hope was lost. I shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this to work with Cocos and in whatever ways I’ll need it.

    Great job!

  3. Hi Asacolips,

    Thanks for saying that! I hope you like it. I think the installation process is a bit too difficult for people at this point in time, either that or no one wants to use it!

    Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and if there are any problems let me know.

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