More Android Work: AirBop

Well it’s been over a year and there have been no updates to this blog. Sorry about that. I have been very busy with my family (my wife and I had another baby) and my day to day work. (Why is it that no one every told me how much of my free time would be spent with my young children? Rewarding? Yes. Time consuming? Yes.)

I do have something to announce to anyone that still reads this blog, and anyone that may be doing Android development. We have recently launched AirBop a GCM based push notification service for Android apps.

I won’t spend too much time talking about it, instead I’ll let the features page do that for me, but I will tell you that it’s a great way to add push notifications to your app. We’ve been working really hard on AirBop and we’re very proud of it. If you are an Android developer and you do check it out (free to sign up and register your first 1000 devices, no charge, no credit card, etc.) please let me know what you think. I can answer any questions about the service that you want.

We’ve also got a sample client up on GitHub: airbop-client that can help get you started with the implementation details.

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