Creating a game using python and Silverlight 1.1

This tutorial assumes that you have a passing understanding of Silverlight and Microsoft’s .NET technologies. If you do you should have no trouble understanding everything in this code, and chances are you will understand some of it more then I do!

But to start it off here is a little bit of information straight from Microsoft’s website:

Silverlight is a new Web presentation technology that is created to run on a variety of platforms. It enables the creation of rich, visually stunning and interactive experiences that can run everywhere: within browsers and on multiple devices and desktop operating systems (such as the Apple Macintosh). In consistency with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), the presentation technology in Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (the Windows programming infrastructure), XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) is the foundation of the Silverlight presentation capability.
This white paper will step you through the basics of Silverlight and how you can use the Microsoft stack of tools, including Microsoft Expression Blend, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and XAML to build rich graphical sites. First, let’s take a primer on the background leading up to Silverlight and where it stands on the development landscape.

What we are going to do is create a simple game with falling targets that they user has to click on in order to “hit” them. Each time they hit a target they will get a point and another target will be created.

Python silverlight

You can try the “finished” product out here:

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