New Comment Moderation

Hey everyone, I’ve been getting hit with a bunch of spam comments over the last few days so I’ve made it so that all comments must be moderated before they will appear.

Sorry about this, I don’t like this form of comment posting, but hopefully after a few days I will be able to switch it back to normal.

And sorry about the lack of posts here, yes I am still alive, it’s just that real life has been working me pretty hard these last few weeks.

I’ve been playing around with my PyGTK app and a new PyGame engine that I am working on from the ground up. Something that I can understand and that I can use. I’ll post more information about it when there is more information…right now it does next to nothing!

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! This is just a short post to let you all know that I have returned from my holidays eager to start learning Python. My holidays were busy and fun but now that they are done I feel rejuvenated in my quest to learn another programming language.

Also, just to let you know, this site is still under construction and will be worked on and updated in the next few weeks.